About the Blog

Seeking No Peace is a lot of things. It is a place for album reviews and commentary on the music industry. It is forum for philosophical discussion. It is a rant about society. It is a place to view code snippets and consider the design of software. Most of all, it is a vehicle for my own catharsis and amusement. If what I write here happens to be something that piques your interest as much as it did mine, great; then it becomes a place for great discussion and mutual broadening of horizons.

What Seeking No Peace is not, is another trendy blog for getting your warez. You won’t find many files here, elicit or otherwise. It’s all about the written word and the celebration of intellectual discourse.

Some topics you may read about here:

  • Heavy metal and rock music
  • Web developent
  • Software engineering
  • Nerd culture
  • Philosophy
  • Religion (or the lack thereof)
  • Commentary on society

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